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Why Use an Accounting Firm?

We all know business founder often takes on multiple roles. Hiring a full-time role is also a huge financial commitment, but bringing experienced, and qualified professionals in early  will save you headaches as you grow. Using a chartered accountant who has been in your shoes will set your business up for success.

Do You Need An Accounting firm?

You will need an accounting firm if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Limited financial support
  • As a Director/Owner you want to be tax compliant
  • Uncertain of your true cashflow situation
  • Considering taking on a large loan
  • You need financial assistance through difficult times
  • You need to make some decisions around your existing business structure (including employees)

Hiring an Accounting Firm Vs Hiring an Employee

Business owners often go through decisions on whether or not to hire or outsource. There is a third option which is to ‘insource’. Insourcing is to hire consultants as an extension of your business. So hiring an outsourced CFO on a regular retainer can also mean that you have a CFO for your business and pay them only for the time you require them.

What We Can Help You With

Business Consulting

Professional Advice to Help solve your specific business problems

Accounting & Compliance

Effectively manage tax obligations to ensure your business is compliant

Business Planning

Independent strategic advice from an experienced CEO to guide your strategy

Corporate Governance

Implementing the right processes and practices and build trust with investors

CFO Services

Grow profitability with an experienced CFO and Chartered Accountant

Structuring Advice

Ensuring your business has the right structure to maximise your chances of success

Why Hire a Qualified Accountant

Business Compliance – An experienced accountant or business consultant understands both the financial and tax obligations to ensure your business is compliant with legislative requirements.

Managing cashflow – A qualified accountant can develop the critical tools needed to assist with forecasting so you can grow your business with confidence.

Managing employees – A qualified accountant helps ensure your payroll, superannuation, payroll tax and other employee entitlements are correctly calculated and lodged.

Chris Afentoulis
Accounting Firm Tax Compliance

Are you Tax Compliant?

Businesses can get audited at anytime. It is important to make sure that your paperwork and financial records meet tax regulations.

Save the headache now and implement the right practices and policies to prepare for upcoming audits.

Feel at ease and find out how we can help you become tax compliant by clicking below.

Business Stimulus Packages

We have helped businesses understand where they can qualify for additional support for government stimulus packages, especially if you are a business that has been impacted from COVID19.

There are 4 stimulus packages that the national government has provided for small and medium sized businesses. Contact us below by finding out if you qualify.

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Insource your CFO

An investment in a full time CFO is a large commitment. If you are uncertain on whether you hire, consider bringing on an insourced experienced CFO to help you set up the right financial structures for your business.

Click below to book a no obligation financial consultation with our Founder Chris Afentoulis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in an Accounting Firm?

When outsourcing to an accounting firm look for a chartered accountant with previous experience in running their own business.

How much does an Accounting Firm Cost?

There are different fee models including a monthly retainer, fee for service and hourly rate. We remain flexible to adapt a payment model that works for your business.

What is the ROI of hiring an Accounting Firm?

A great question to ask an accounting firm before engaging with one. A good accounting firm will save you time and money in the long run through setting up the proper foundations for your business.

What is the difference between insourced and outsourced?

An insourced consultant really gets under the skin of your business and becomes an extension of the team. An outsourced consultant usually charges a fee for service without truly understanding your core business.

Should I hire an Accounting Firm or an Employee?

This really depends on what stage of business you are at. We recommend starting with an Accounting Firm first to assess the cost benefit.

Chris developed the processes that underpinned our ability to double our revenue during his time here.

Tim Brcan

Director, Amtek Corporation

Having experienced consultants who have successfully scaled businesses working as an extension of our team, gives us confidence to execute our vision.

Robert Papaleo

Managing Director, Advanced Childcare

Chris’s expertise and knowledge was hugely valuable to help ensure we maintained a comfortable cash flow position through COVID-19.

Dinesh Arasaratnam

Director, Medium Marketing