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Strategic advice from certified professionals that have successfully scaled businesses
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Evolve Management

Evolve Management provides business consulting and financial advice for small and medium sized businesses in Australia with experts that have run their own businesses. 

Our Services

We provide a range of services to help you grow your profitability cash flow.

Business Consulting

Professional advice to help solve your specific business problems

Accounting & Compliance

Effectively manage tax obligations to ensure your business is compliant

CFO Services

Grow profitability with an experienced CFO and qualified Accountants

Structuring Advice

Set up your business with the best possible structure and maximise efficiencies

Business Planning

Independent strategic advice from an experienced CEO to guide your strategy

Corporate Governance

Implement the right processes and practices to minimise risk and exposure

10 Point Financial Health Check

Link below to a 10 question survey to assess the financial health of your business

Why Evolve Management?

Seek professional advice from experts that have successfully grown businesses. Here’s why you should choose Evolve Management:



We practice what we preach with CSuite experience in SMEs


We are approachable and do not charge for every phone call with clients


Senior Advisors

Our team have CSuite experience and current Board of Director roles

Client Focused

Your success is our success so ensuring you receive an  ROI is our priority


Strong track record of growing SMEs with a strong focus on profitability


 We can help open doors with our huge network of experts across multiple industries

We Drive Results

Discover how our founder Chris Afentoulis helped a privately owned medium size business to scale more effectively.

About Our Founder

Our founder and lead consultant, Chris Afentoulis is a qualified Accountant with CSuite experience.

Chris Afentoulis

FAQs – Business Consulting

What is business consulting?

Business consulting is the strategic advice provided to company by a qualified consultant. There are different areas of expertise to be considered when selecting the right consultant for your business.

Why would I need a business consultant?

The success of a business is often made by the effective management and reporting of finances. A qualified consultant can add value through this expertise that a business may otherwise lack along with implementing a practical framework for setting your business up for growth.

How much does a business consultant cost?

Business consultants generally offer a number of different models including a retainer and fee for service. In addition to this, Evolve Management also offers friendly payment terms to help businesses effectively manage cash flow.

Is it better to hire a consultant or employee?

If you are clear on your objectives, a business consultant is a great way to start developing the foundations you need before bringing someone onboard.

How do I choose the right business consultant for my business?

First assess your objectives and needs, then select the consultant that will support you to deliver on your objectives. Their qualifications, practical experience and credentials are key to helping you choose the right consultant.

Chris developed the processes that underpinned our ability to double our revenue during his time here.

Tim Brcan

Director, Amtek Corporation

Having experienced consultants who have successfully scaled businesses working as an extension of our team, gives us confidence to execute our vision.

Robert Papaleo

Managing Director, Advanced Childcare

Chris’s expertise and knowledge was hugely valuable to help us navigate through the financial challenges during COVID-19 and ensure we maintained a comfortable cash flow position.

Dinesh Aras

Director, Medium Marketing